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Video for the new radio single “Lovebug” + “Deluxe Edition” of Lucky Day!!!

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I am very excited today to be able to announce a brand new video for the new radio single ”Lovebug”, taken from the album Lucky Day, co-written with the one and only Linus of Hollywood (during my co-writing trip to the US).  The video by Alexander Edström kicks off with a short glimpse from when Linus and I just had finished writing the song at his home in California. It then invites us in to the actual album recording in Nashville on the day the song was recorded.

We get to see my two amazing co-producers helping me making the track come to life – Brad Jones on upright bass and vibraphone and Andreas Dahlbäck on drums. We also get a quick peek from the drum overdub on the bridge that took place at legendary Stockholm studio Atlantis (where by the way most of ABBA’s hits were recorded!) This is the first time any of this video material is presented publicly to the world. (Previously we’ve just seen short videblogs from the album recording trip).

I’m really proud of this song and I do hope you enjoy it as well as the video! (More on the Deluxe Edition below!).


But as if this wasn’t enough I’m equally excited to announce the news that the “Deluxe Edition” of Lucky Day now is out digitally, on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. This means that not only the lucky owners of the physical CD (which you can also become!) now will be able to enjoy the three cover songs that I was fortunate enough to record with Peter Morén (Peter Bjorn and John) on backing vocals and guitar, Mikaela Hansson on piano, Jerker Odelholm on bass, and Andreas Dahlbäck on drums (as well as Gustav Afsahi on keyboard overdubs). In the video below you will get teasers from all the songs as well as a glimpse from the recording that took place at Durango Recording.


On the release page of my label Lojinx I’m quoted explaining my selection of the 3 cover songs and 4th bonus track:

Military Madness (Graham Nash) – “I love a lot of 60’s music and one of my favourite bands is The Hollies, not least because of Graham Nash’s high harmony vocals. However, I never got to love any particular album as much as I did Graham Nash’s first solo album (Songs for Beginners, 1971). It kind of resonated with me when I discovered it in my 20s and it’s been in my top 10 albums list ever since.

My Messed Up Friend (Brad Jones) – “The idea came up to surprise Brad – the co-producer of the album – as I’ve been an admirer of his production work for a long time. His only solo album Gilt-Flake is an album worth discovering. My Messed Up Friend is a song that means a lot to my wife and I and is a really touching song that’s musically interesting too.

Somewhere In My Heart (Aztec Camera) – “I don’t have a big reason for picking this song other than it’s one of the few of it’s era that I fell in love with just by hearing it on the radio. I felt a real connection with the song and it’s 60’s roots wrapped in modern production. It somehow felt like a secret love, my discovery, despite being a massive international hit! Some songs can have that effect on you, a kind of special relationship.

Spellbound– A song co-written with Jimmy Lagnefors for Swedish film Flykten till Framtiden (“My Future Love”). – “The director had specifically requested a song that ‘sounds like Electric Light Orchestra’ and Jimmy asked me to collaborate. As a huge admirer of Jeff Lynne’s songwriting and production I obviously jumped at the chance. Somehow we managed to create ‘the song that E.L.O. never made’. It was played a lot on Swedish radio, people really liked it, and I’ve come to realize that it actually kind of works really well as a song on its own merits. I’ve grown really proud of it. It kind of seemed too good to not have on the album!”

All 4 bonus tracks are now available to all on the “Deluxe Edition” release of Lucky Day, out now on all good digital platforms.

Apple: https://ljx.cc/LuckyDayDeluxe-Apple

Spotify: https://ljx.cc/LuckyDayDeluxe-Spotify

Amazon: https://ljx.cc/LuckyDayDeluxe-Amazon

Tidal: https://ljx.cc/LuckyDayDeluxe-Tidal

Deezer: https://ljx.cc/LuckyDayDeluxe-Deezer


CD/LP: https://www.lojinx.com/releases/david-myhr/lucky-day


David Myhr (2019)


Thank you 2018! (Lucky Day medley and slideshow)

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Looking back on the Lucky Day release year of 2018 in a 333 seconds long slide show containing 100 pictures and 14 songs. Thank you to each and everyone involved in the making, promotion and consumption of my second solo album.

For those who simply can’t get enough – why not also enjoy the Thank you 2012! (Soundshine medley and slideshow?

Happy New Year everyone!!!



David Myhr awarded with the 2018 Municipality of Piteå Culture Prize (Piteå Kommuns Kulturpris 2018)

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Wow! That was unexpected! And what an incredible honour! As I sing on the new album’s title song I “keep waiting for my lucky day…”. Maybe this is the one? Or at least one of them? 🙂


Today I was awarded with the 2018 Municipality of Piteå Culture Prize (Piteå Kommuns Kulturpris). According to the municipality’s press release it is “offered to a person who is professionally active in the field of culture. The person should be a profile and well-known ambassador of Piteå,  and should be (or have been) resident as well as active in Piteå, or started his/her cultural practice in the municipality”.

This puts me in extremely good company with earlier awardees like comedians Ronny Eriksson and Lasse Eriksson, singer Anna-Lotta Larsson, actor Lennart Jähkel,  writer Liza Marklund, painter Sture Berglund as well as fellow rock’n’rollers (and friends) like for example KG Johansson, Bo Sundström (Bo Kaspers Orkester), Andreas Mattsson (Popsicle), Nicolai Dunger, John Eriksson (Peter Bjorn and John). And also my two colleagues Erik Westberg and Petter Sundkvist.

In the motivation, written on the diploma I was handed, it says:

(Swedish) David Myhr är en artist och låtskrivare som slog igenom i det Piteåbaserade bandet The Merrymakers på 90-talet. Yrkesmässigt är han knuten till LTU men har numera sin bas i Stockhom. Parallelt med arbetet som universitetslektor i låtskrivande, musikproduktion och branschkunskap har han en artistkarriär och är i år aktuell med sitt andra soloalbum. David har även gjort sig känd för sina djupa kunskaper om gruppen The Beatles och uppträder ibland som en levande Beatles-jukebox. Att påstå att han är lite Here, There and Everywhere är ingen överdrift. David tilldelas stipendiet för sitt mångåriga engagemang och arbete i musikens tjänst, både yrkesmässigt och privat, samt som en uppmuntran för sitt fortsatta musikskapande.

(English) David Myhr is an artist and songwriter who had his break-through with the Piteå based band The Merrymakers in the 90’s. Professionally, he is linked to Luleå University of Technology but nowadays he is based in Stockhom. Parallelly with his work as a senior lecturer in songwriting, music production and music business knowledge, he has an artist career and currently has released his second solo album. David has also become known for his deep knowledge of the The Beatles and sometimes appears as “the living Beatles jukebox”. To say he is a little Here, There and Everywhere is no exaggeration. David is awarded the award for his long-term commitment and work in the service of music, both professionally and privately, as well as encouraging his continued creation of music”.

See and hear the chair of the committe at PIteå Kommun who choose the awardees (Kultur- och Fritidsnämnden),  Ann-Katrin Sämfors, read the motivation and deliver the prize in the low quality video clip (in Swedish) below:


I grew up in PIteå and I lived the first half of my life there. I have only very fond memories from those days and I still have a very strong bond to my former home town. My musical journey started in Piteå in bands like 2nd Hand B Band and Ant-Mansson who later became The Merrymakers. I moved to Stockholm at 24 and have spent the same amount of years there as I did in Piteå (so now you can easily calculate my age!). I still come back a lot to Piteå. Me and my brothers and our families have kept our parent’s (and our childhood’s) summer house in Svartnäs, Rosvik. And I also still have my “day-job” (900 km from home!) as a senior lecturer at the local university (The School of Music at Luleå University of Technologysee my staff profile here).

I am determined to do my best to spend the award of 25,000 SEK not only to cover “black (economic) holes” from the cost of making Lucky Day (get the album here!!!) but to instead put them in a little jar to spend on future music making. However, during the ceremony my iPhone X fell to the floor so it’s possible I’ll have to spend almost half of the sum in order to fix my phone, thereby supporting Apple instead. Well well… you gain some, you lose some. That will soon be forgotten!  But the support and and recognition from my home town is something I will remember for life and which I am very grateful and proud. Thank you very much Piteå Kommun!


Here’s a link to an interview I made about receiving the prize (in Swedish) from LTU’s web page.

And a link to an article in the local paper Piteå-Tidningen.


Ann-Katrin Sämfors, chair of the Kultur- och fritidsnämnd, Peter Arffman, member of the committe (and ex-Merrymaker!), David Myhr, and Mikael Andersson (co-writer of the new book about Ripp-Rock).

David Myhr and ex-Merrymaker Peter Arffman who sat in the committee that awarded David Myhr with the culture prize. One can only hope that he was the one of those who voted for and not against. 🙂

Anders Nyström, Piteå Kommun, David Myhr, and Ann-Katrin Sämfors, Piteå Kommun


David Myhr solo acoustic live at Musslan, Stockholm, Wednesday Sep 19

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DAVID MYHR LIVE (solo/akustiskt) på festvåningen på WASAHOF/MUSSLAN!

David Myhr ger intim akustisk konsert i festvåningen på Wasahof/Musslan med ett knippe låtar både från solokarriären men också från åren med The Merrymakers samt ett par väl valda covers.

Dörrarna öppnas kl 19.
På scen 20.00.

OBS! Endast 40 platser!
Skaffa biljett NU!

Förköp biljett (100:-):
Swish 123 546 84 26
(Monogram Recordings AB)

David Myhr var på 90-talet frontman i The Merrymakers – ett band som sprudlade av melodier och stämsång och som sålde över 100,000 album bara i Japan. Solodebuten Soundshine kom 2012, EP:n Record Collection 2014 och 2016 kom låten ”Spellbound” (känd från Ulf Malmros-filmen Flykten till Framtiden).

Nya albumet Lucky Day med låtar som P4-favoriterna ”Jealous Sun”, ”The Perfect Place” och sommarsingeln ”My Negative Friend” är inspelat i Nashville med producenterna Brad Jones (Josh Rouse, Jill Sobule) och Andreas Dahlbäck (Anna Ternheim, Ulf Lundell, Bo Kaspers Orkester).

Sedan releasen har David (förutom releasepartyt på Bar Brooklyn/Debaser) uppträtt i Spanien och USA.


Facebook event här:



Åldersgräns: 18 år

Albumet LUCKY DAY finns att beställa både på CD (med fyra bonusspår!) samt LP här:

Lucky Day promotional tour of Spain

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Hello everyone!

My new album Lucky Day has been out for twelve days and I’m overwhelmed by the positive response I’ve been receiving so far!

I am very excited to hereby announce a promotional tour of Spain that will take place this week!


Here is the tour schedule that I’ve copied from my bandsintown page:

Facebook Event for Saturday afternoon (Carabás Burgos)

Facebook Event for Saturday evening (El Límite Live, Villalba, Madrid)

Facebook Event for Sunday (Fotomatón Bar, Madrid)

The Spanish radio listeners will also be able to hear me talking about my favourite music in the program El Sótano de Radio 3 on Friday evening after 7 pm.

This is how my Spanish label Rock Indiana is presenting the show (on this page):

Con su flamante nuevo álbum bajo el brazo, el espléndido “Lucky Day”David Myhr nos visita este fin de semana con dos actuaciones en Burgos (sábado 2 de junio a mediodía), Villalba (sábado 2 por la noche) y Madrid (domingo 3). 
El ex cantante y guitarrista de los Merrymakers repasará su nuevo disco, además de algunas canciones del primero (el igualmente brillante “Soundshine”) y de los propios Merrymakers, además de alguna versión.
Aquí puedes comprar las entradas para su actuación madrileña.

¡Tengo muchas ganas de veros en España! ¡Nos vemos pronto!







Release party today for Lucky Day at Bar Brooklyn, Debaser Hornstulls Strand, Stockholm

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Release party today for Lucky Day at Bar Brooklyn, Debaser Hornstulls Strand, Stockholm. Se Facebook event here!


“The Perfect Place” – the fourth track from Lucky Day released!

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And so it’s time to present for the fourth track from my album Lucky Day! It’s also the second single that goes out to radio here in Sweden.

The song is called “The Perfect Place” and was actually the first track that was recorded, before the whole project became an American adventure. This was before the co-writing trip and before the decision that Andreas Dahlbäck and I would go over to Nashville to record with Brad Jones.


You can also find it on your favorite streaming/download service, for instance on Spotify, in this ever-growing Lucky Day playlist:

The recording took place at Durango Recording with Andreas Dahlbäck as producer. It was Andreas’ idea to take two of my different melodic ideas that both had descending bass lines, and putting them together into one song. I only had to try to find a “magic chord” to put in between them to make it work. I am very thankful to Andreas for suggesting this! No wonder I keep coming back to working with him!

Here’s a nice group picture from the recording of the basic tracks:

(David Myhr, Andreas Dahlbäck, Joel Löf, Olov Domeij, Elias Ortiz, Alicia Carlestam, Andrei Amartinesei)

Hanna Ekström beautifully performing our string arrangement on “The Perfect Place”.

Now, don’t forget to pre-order Lucky Day here! It’s the only way to get hold of the limited edition of the Lucky Day T-shirt!). Please note that the CD version has four bonus tracks (including “Spellbound”!!!)  that you won’t be able to get anywhere else!


“Wait Until The Moment” – the third track from Lucky Day released!

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And then they were three! While we’re all(?) awaiting the release of my second solo album Lucky Day, by now there are three “instant grat” tracks available for download for those who pre-order the album, no matter if you order a physical copy on CD or vinyl (and T-shirt?) at Lojinx, or if you’ve pre-order the album through iTunes. The first one was “Jealous Sun” (which by the way has been added to Swedish Radio P4’s playlist!!!), the second one “Room To Grow”, and now “Wait Until The Moment”. It will be followed by more surprises along the way!

While awaiting your vinyl or CD you can also enjoy the instant grat tracks on this growing Lucky Day playlist on Spotify:

I’m also very proud that it has been added by Spotify themselves to this playlist with current (mainly Swedish) releases.

In the future you will be able to see and hear the full story about how “Wait Until The Moment” came about, but for now all I can say is that I wrote it together with producer Brad Jones who took my stomping uptempo piano based melodic idea and turned it into something that, to me, sounded very beautiful in its laid back, bossa nova-ish vibe. It went from power pop to… well what is it? Is it Yacht Rock? You decide for yourself!

The song features one of my favourite lyric lines on the (coming) album; ”Break my heart a little and I’ll do the same for you” which was a little ”couplet” that Brad had lying around for years that he finally found use for.

Let me also be a bit nostalgic and take you back to my co-writing trip in 2015 when we put the song together. This is a clip from the control room at Alex The Great Recording in Nashville, just after Brad had constructed a percussive loop from his own sample library, trying it out with the Spanish guitar that he later added to the recording:

Stuck in Brazil…

Posted by David Myhr on Monday, February 9, 2015

And, here’s a clip from my late night vocal overdub session. Brad had instructed me so well on how he wanted me to sing it, so I thought I’d have a go at it right away. It turned out 18 months later that Brad was very happy with the result of that night’s vocal takes, so we decided not to re-record it:


Lastly, please feel free to enjoy a live version of the song, from Andreas Dahlbäck’s Durango Recording, where I had the incredible opportunity to put both my dear co-producers in the same room, together with brilliant young Theo Stocks on pedal steel, a former student at The School of Music at Luleå University of Technology, where I work, who happened to be in Nashville with his class-mates only a couple of weeks after the album recording in 2016. I got the idea to ask Brad to have him play some pedal steel on a couple of tracks on the record (“Lucky Day” and “The Only Thing I Really Need Is You”). He did a fantastic job both at the recording and in this live clip. Please enjoy!






“Room To Grow” – the second track released from Lucky Day

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The second track from my upcoming album Lucky Day that can be pre-ordered here is out! It’s written together with Bill DeMain and is called “Room To Grow”. (Read all about the first track “Jealous Sun” in my last blog post).

The picture below shows me and Bill DeMain at his house involved in a songwriting session. Bill was the fifth ”stop” on my co-writing tour through L.A., Nashville and New York in February 2015. He had been warmly recommended for me to try to approach by Andrew Campbell, the head of my record label Lojinx, as well as by producer Brad Jones. And boy were they right! The session turned out to be very fruitful and now, only one thousand one hundred and seven days later, I am extremely excited to finally be able to share the result with you all in the form of the song ”Room To Grow”.

It was the first time ever that Bill and I met and, as is common in co-writes, the session started with some small talk. We talked a little bit about the phenomenon of co-writing itself and various approaches to it. I said that I’m sometimes a little bit stressed by the idea that one is supposed to come up with something on the spot while being watched by the other. Bill understood my point and said that for first time co-writes he always think that it’s a good idea to start with slight snippets that are a little bit developed. He added “–Knowing that you were coming this week, I came up with something that… uhm… I like the music germ and the title too. The words are a little bit sketchy…”. He then played his idea for a song called “Room to grow” in a short, condensed version consisting of one verse. Or, more correctly, an “A-part” (of an AABA song). I fell in love with what I heard and told him it was really beautiful.

(Listen to “Room To Grow” on the Lucky Day playlist on Spotify or get your own download by pre-ordering Lucky Day on iTunes or from Lojinx (where you’ll also get the CD/vinyl etc).)
(Or enjoy a stripped down live acoustic  version in the video below):


I noted that the chords were somewhat “jazzy” but still without sounding too complicated. Bill agreed and said he liked that they are “kind of bossa-nova chords but with the eighth-note rhythm making it simpler”. I spent some time to go through the bunch of extended chords using alternative bass notes, joking that I shouldn’t have skipped classes when they were teaching these kind of chords. I was a little bit out of my comfort zone.

Being in “music city”, with an experienced songwriter I’d never met, I felt I would be really rewarding if I could contribute something great to the song. The only thing I could figure the song was missing was a fitting bridge melody. After forty-five minutes of confused trial-and-error, by improvising melodies singing them out loud accompanying myself with different chords on the guitar, I suddenly hit a melody line that sort of just ”came” to me. But it certainly wasn’t my first intent. As Benny Andersson told me (and a few others), “you have to get rid of all the rubbish”.  For the first time it felt really great. Bill commented after only a few notes “-That’s nice! I like that!”. It kind of sounded obvious and had both energy and movement to it. However, at first the idea was almost lost becuase I wasn’t able to reproduce it. Luckily I had a voice memo recording so I could go back and listen to what I did.

After that little “moment” we spent a couple of hours on writing lyrics where Bill naturally took the lead, being both a native speaker, as well as a very talented lyricist, but also the one who intitally brough the title and the concept to the table. When presenting the song he had said:

”–I often found when I get involved with people, my tendency is just to overthink everything. So within, like the first two or three days I’ve decided ‘this can never work’ instead of just giving it a chance, you know. And it doesn’t even have to apply to love. It’s anything. Like sometimes, even when you’re writing a song, you go ‘nahh, that’s no good’. I like that idea of just ‘you never know what’s going to happen with it’ so…  just give it a chance you know!”

And after a total of three hours, including a very nice chat over lunch about Jeff Lynne (who Bill of course had interviewed!), George Martin (including him showing me this hilarious sketch), and a few other usual suspects, we said goodbye and both felt something good had come out of the session.

I could hardly believe it was for me to record this beautiful song. I kind of felt a responsibility to make it justice. So I brought it  back home to Sweden to fiddle around with ideas for arrangements. Just before it was time for the album recording with Brad Jones and Andreas Dahlbäck in Nashville I made a simple Wurlitzer based pre-production with a McCartney inspired octave jumping bass line, that they, together with Nashville session guitar player Pat Buchanan, then helped me to bring to the next level with their suggestions and beautiful playing. Also, Bill helped out on acoustic guitar and some additional backing vocals. Here’ a picture from when he stopped by for the recording at Brad Jones’ Alex The Great Recording:

Once back in Sweden again, I approached my friend and colleague Mikael Bäckman, one of the best harmonica players around, who added a really sweet and tasty harmonica solo with a slight Stevie Wonderesque feel. How great! I started to feel I couldn’t get enough of beuatiful stuff so I also contacted Anna Manell who came by my studio. We wrote a little string arrangement together that she performed beuatifully on the violin. When I presented the final result to Bill he wrote me back saying  “Wow, David, this is quite the delectable pop bon-bon! I love all the background vocals and strings you added. Splendid!”. It was naturally quite a relief to hear that from Bill since I wouldn’t have wanted to make him disappointed, given that he had offered me that wonderful music germ and title in the first place.

Anna Manell at David Myhr’s Monogram Recordings playing violin on “Room To Grow”.

A photo of Mikael Bäckman by Eskil Olsen, taken from harpatwork.com

Bill later commented:

When David and I wrote “Room To Grow,” we’d never met. Blind date co-writes can be very hit or miss. But I think this one was a hit. We both come from similar pop places – loving The Beatles, ELO, Abba, Wings, Nilsson – so it was enjoyable to find common vocabulary to put the song together. And the arrangement took it to another level. I’m happy to have contributed to such a cool record.”

I’m very proud and happy to have gotten to know Bill DeMain. He’s such an amazing guy. Not only is he an extremely experienced and enormously talented songwriter, member as he is of intenatioinally acclaimed duo Swan Dive, and with a brilliant solo album out now called Transatlantic Romantic (on Spotify here). But he is also he’s a writer who’s contributed to magazines like Mojo and Classic Rock etc. And a writer of four books (including Sgt. Pepper at Fifty: The Mood, the Look, the Sound, the Legacy). And on top of all this, he does Nashville’s coolest walking tour which Andreas Dahlbäck had the great pleasure to experience, where he takes you through decades of musical history, from classic country and western to R & B to rock ‘n’ roll. A true one-of-a-kind tour experience.

“Transatlantic Romantic” by bill DeMain. Such a beautiful album filled with incredibly well-crafted songs!

“Room To Grow” is the second track made public from my upcoming album Lucky Day. Those of you who pre-ordered it on iTunes can now download it and it’s also added to the Lucky Day playlist on Spotify. The album is of course also available on heavyweight vinyl  with a beautiful artwork, and on a CD with full booklet, that also will contain four beautiful bonus tracks that I’m very proud about (including ”Spellbound” – “the song that E.L.O. never made”). All this (including a limited edition T-shirt) can be found on Lojinx here.


Here’s me and co-producer, drummer, Andreas Quincy Dahlbäck, enjoying Nashville’s coolest walking tour, hosted by Bill De Main

“Jealous Sun” – first single from new album Lucky Day. (Pre-order available now!).

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…aaaaaaand finally… here it is!!! The first single from my upcoming album!!! “Jealous Sun”!

For those who have been following me it has been a long wait. I went on this exciting co-writing trip back in 2015 and the recording of the basic tracks for the album took place in Nashville in September 2016. So it’s been three years of video blogging and posting about it on my Facebook Page and posting photos on my Instagram. But as the saying goes, good things happen to those who have waited, and today’s the day!! (For those who haven’t been following me before, it obviously hasn’t been a long wait. But today’s the day for you as well! Please feel most welcome!)


The song, which is the lead track of the upcoming album is called “Jealous Sun” and is a song I wrote together with the fantastic songwriter and artist, Bleu! I had had the melody lying around for years. Actually already since before my recording session in Abbey Road. Then producer Brad Jones to my surprise suggested deleting the verse, and instead let the pre-chorus should be my verse! Brad sure knows what he’s doing. Turned out great! But it wasn’t until Bleu visited me in my writing cabin on Södermalm in Stockholm that the song got its lyrics. A beautiful lyric if you ask me! With reference to the myth of Icarus and all. What else can you ask for?


Speaking of the album… it’s going to be called Lucky Day and will be out in May! I’m not even going to begin now to talk about how incredibly proud and happy I am about it. But I can say that much. That I’m incredible proud and happy about it!

The great thing is that you can pre-order it now on LP, CD or digital at this page from my really cool record label Lojinx:


…where you can even get your own Lucky Day T-shirt!

If you do pre-order you will get an intstant grat download of this first single, “Jealous Sun” (that also goes for iTunes and Amazon by the way!)

Now, please feel free to enjoy the song in the form of a lyric video by the great Todd Stanton at Todd Productions Inc..

Or download or stream from your favourite service:


Stay tuned for an exciting spring ahead with lots of new music!