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New interview by The Power Popaholic

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Hey there dear followers, likers, and general David Myhr-hang-arounds! 😉

Here’s a brand new interview made by Aaron Kupferberg of The Power Popaholic about the new EP And Now This where I also talk about how and why The Merrymakers came to and end and a few more things
 If you want to see the Power Popaholic post (including a link to a review of the EP) – see here! Below is the YouTube clip with the actual interview!

Hope you enjoy!

David Myhr with the David Myhr T-shirt




Lyric video for “You Spin My World Around”

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Here’s a nice little summer surprise for all you music lovers! A lyric video for the track “You Spin My World Around” from my latest EP titled And Now This! (Get it, and the T-shirt, from Lojinx here!)

It’s the second track on the EP and although the saying goes that choosing a favourite among your own songs is like choosing your favourite child, I must admit that it’s very close to my heart and that I’m really proud of it.  (And also, by the way, I know who my favourite child is. It’s Alma!).

The highly talented video maker Alexander Edström who has helped me so many times before (like for instance with the beautiful lyric video for “The Perfect Place”, not to mention the very recent video for “We Wanted To Shine” ) has done it once again. He has created this wonderful lyric video for you all to enjoy!



If you like it, please feel free to share, and let’s hope that the track “You Spin My World Around” will be spinning around the world!

Hope you’re all enjoying your summer!


The EP “And Now This” celebrated as a “must hear” in Spain’s biggest newspaper El PaĂ­s!!!

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For those of you who understand Spanish, just read this article!

And for the rest of you – read on and I’ll explain what it says. The record review section of El PaĂ­s on-line writes that it’s the best bunch of records in a long time. And included within the 16 records you “must hear” is my new EP “And Now This”!!!  I am obviously very proud and thankful for this. (And special thanks to my good friend Javier MartĂ­nez in Burgos, famous from for instance this Instagram post, who made me aware of this

Here is an excerpt from the article:


My (somewhat rough) English translation:

– David Myhr, ‘And Now This’

Who is it? David Myhr is a Swedish musician highly appreciated by the tasters of (almost) perfect pop songs. After having formed part of The Merrymakers he has published works under his own name.

Is it that good And Now This? It only has four songs, but magnificent ones. For those who likes the more melodic part of The Byrds or Teenage Funclbu; sweet songs and beautiful performances.



As those of you know who have followed me for a long time, Spain is my second home country given that my wife Paula is Spanish. But it’s also one of the countries on this earth that has received my music best. I’m very grateful to have released my solo albums on the ultra cool Spanish label Rock Indiana and for having toured there. I have also made several appearances on Spanish national radio (speaking in Spanish for better or worse!!!). For instance, check out this program where I speak (in Spanish) about my favorite recrods of all time for almost an hour! Or see this interview together with the great Linus of Hollywood during our Melody and Madness tour of Europe.


ÂĄMuchĂ­simas gracias El PaĂ­s! Y a mi pĂșblico en España quiero decir que tengo muuuchas ganas de volver a España y algĂșn dĂ­a tocar en vivo de nuevo. Saludos desde Suecia!

Lots of thank you El PaĂ­s! And to my audience in Spain I would like to say that I am veeeeery eager to return to Spain some day and to play live again. Greetings from Sweden!


Please let me finish off with a reminder of the video from the first song of the EP, “We Wanted To Shine”:

“We Wanted To Shine” – lead single from the upcoming EP “And Now This”!

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Oh boy
 what a year we’ve seen! Are you ready for some good news? Well, I think I’ve got some for you

Today I’m announcing a new EP with the lead single “We Wanted To Shine”. The EP is due 21st May and is titled And Now This.  Just like I did on Lucky Day I’m working with Brad Jones and Andreas Quincy DahlbĂ€ck as my trusted co-producers.


You can listen and download from here!

Here’s the new video made by the fabulous Alexander Edström:

Oh, and by the way – wouldn’t it be ultra cool to wear the David Myhr T-shirt that David Myhr is wearing on the artwork? Well‚ just get your T-shirt (and get a download of the song) from here!


Now, let’s wait for the full EP! As Brad Jones said after listening through: “–Gonna be a pretty high-voltage EP!”


Concert movie and live album from David Myhr: “Made in PiteĂ„”

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Today I’m happy to present the concert movie (and live album!) titled “Made in PiteĂ„”!!!

Please feel free to share the video on YouTube using this link:


After the release of my Nashville-recorded album Lucky Day in 2018 I played a couple of shows in my hometown Stockholm (including the release party at Debaser Strand). But also at such widely different places in the world such as Sundsvall, Madrid, Burgos, San Diego, Los Angeles (live video here), San Francisco, Tokyo, and Osaka(!). But none of the shows were as grandiose and magnificent as the one in my former hometown PiteĂ„ on November 21, 2018, at Black Box, Studio Acusticum. There I was backed up by a fabulous backing band with some of the country’s foremost musicians consisting of the album’s co-producer Andreas DahlbĂ€ck on drums, the songwriter/producer Peter Kvint on guitar, Jerker Odelholm on bass, Mikaela Hansson on keyboards, and Robert van der Zwan on guitar.

Finally, today, the concert movie and the live album from this unique live concert are being released. Both with the title Made in PiteĂ„. Apart from songs from my solo debut Soundshine (2012) and my latest album Lucky Day (including Swedish national radio P4 favourites ”Jealous Sun” and ”The Perfect Place”), the set list also includes the movie song and ELO pastiche ”Spellbound” known from the Ulf Malmros movie Flykten till Framtiden, the Myhr/Kvint song ”Record Collection”. As well as ”April’s Fool” from my former power pop band The Merrymakers that was written together with Jellyfish frontman Andy Sturmer. On top of that we play my version of the Costello/McCartney classic ”Veronica”. In short – a night full of pop candy of highest caliber!

About the title Made in PiteĂ„, it’s a declaration of love to my former hometown where I grew up. Both the concert and myself are actually made in PiteĂ„. And Deep Purple had already taken the title Made in Japan for their live album

The love for my hometown may at least to some extent be answered. Only days after the concert it stood clear that I could round off the year titled the winner of the 2018 Municipality of PiteÄ Culture Prize.

Artwork for the live album Made in PiteÄ by David Myhr (Photo by Jonas Nordqvist)

My day job is as a senior lecturer at the The School of Music at LuleĂ„ University of Technology. In PiteĂ„. (It takes me some five hours door to door to commute to work including an hour and twenty minutes by plane. And that’s one-way
). And the concert itself was part of an initiative called ”The University Presents” where the university’s artistic production is displayed. The majority of the songs on Lucky Day were written during a co-writing trip to Los Angles, Nashville, and New York and those also constitute the sounding, artistic output of a licentiate thesis that I’m hoping to finish ”any year soon”. However, the concert movie and the live album are done at my own initiative and expense. I even went as far as renting oriental rugs as stage decoration from the neighbouring city LuleĂ„ in my eagerness to create a “Tom Petty-vibe”. Any voluntary financial contribution for a virtual concert ticket to paypal.me/davidmyhr (or for Swedes to Swish 123 546 84 26) for the production would be very welcome. Only in case that you enjoy it of course! But it’s nothing I’m counting on. It just had to be done anyway. I felt this would be “the definitive David Myhr-concert”. And it was exactly what it became! So I felt it was of outmost importance to preserve this moment in time for the grandkids! (Although grandkids might be a few years away given that I became a first-time father earlier this year a few days after my fiftieth birthday.)

Please note that the movie has English subtitles if you turn on captions on YouTube. It will certainly help you understand what i’m saying between the songs!

Here’s an interview about the release for Sveriges Radio P4 Norrbotten:

And here are some pictures of the fine people in my backing band taken from my mysterious “campaign” the days before the release on my Instagram Page.

The concert is mixed by Andreas Quincy DahlbÀck at Durango Recording and the video is edited by Niklas Karlsson.

Here’s the complete setlist:

1 Wait Until The Moment (Myhr/Jones)
2 Never Mine (Myhr)
3 Looking For A Life (Myhr/Mattsson/Eskelin)
4 Room To Grow (Myhr/DeMain)
5 Lucky Day (Myhr/Jones)
6 Record Collection (Myhr/Kvint)
7 My Negative Friend (Myhr/Hines)
8 The Only Thing I Really Need Is You (Myhr)
9 April’s Fool (The Merrymakers/Sturmer)
10 I Love The Feeling (Myhr)
11 Lovebug (Myhr/Dotson)
12 The Perfect Place (Myhr)
13 Jealous Sun (Myhr/Bleu)
14 Spellbound (Lagnefors/Myhr)
15 Veronica (Costello/McCartney)
16 Got You Where He Wanted (Myhr)

Please enjoy! Peace and love!


Andreas Quincy DahlbÀck, Peter Kvint, Mikaela Hansson, David Myhr, Jerker Odelholm, Robert van der Zwan (Photo by Jonas Nordqvist)

David Myhr celebrates John Lennon and his solo catalogue in live streaming concert today on Lennon’s 80th birthday

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John Lennon has been a key figure in my life ever since his death when I was ten years old. (More about my relation to The Beatles in general in my blog post about the day I met Paul McCartney). And today I paid tribute to John by singing songs from his solo career in an almost two hour long live stream concert on Facebook Live. Please feel free to have a look. Join in, come together and sing along! (The action starts at 06:50).





David Myhr - John Lennon 80

Below are some examples of my fandom

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Eighteen years old in my room back home in PiteÄ, 1988. #johnlennon #thebeatles #zztop #johnnywinter

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@johnlennonofficial 1974 – @davidmyhr 1988 #tbf #johnlennon #statueofliberty #imaginepeace #peacesign #newyork #firstpilgrimage #quepasanewyork #piteĂ„spaulmccartney #mullet #hockeyfrilla #ripprock

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Call me crazy (I am) but while in Karuizawa, Japan, I felt I just HAD to see @mampei_hotel where John & Yoko spent the summers 76-79. Here in their room #128 and in John’s corner of the CafĂ© Terrace where he enjoyed his Royal Milk Tea (which I obviously also did). #johnlennon #johnandyoko #pilgrimage #lifelongobsession #royalmilktea #endgunviolence #imaginepeace #karuizawa

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R.I.P. Emitt Rhodes

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I was just reached by the news that the amazing Emitt Rhodes has passed away at the age of 70.  Very saddening news!

Some of you who’s reading this (being devoted fans of the genre called power-pop and/or any kind of post-Beatles pop) probably know very well who this is. He must certainly be said to be somewhat of a giant in those circuits. Or at least a very beloved “cult hero”. Others might not have a clue who he is. There was a time when I didn’t either (see below).

My old band The Merrymakers once recorded a version of my favourite song of his on which I am singing lead vocals. “Somebody Made For Me”. It’s on Spotify here. There’s also a fan-made little YouTube clip featuring a couple of pictures from our basic tracks sessions at the EMI Studio in Sweden:

Only a few months ago I got the question why we chose this particular song from Sony Music Japan (in conjunction with the release of The Best of The Merrymakers) that explains how I/we discovered his music (back in 1997). This was my reply:

That is a special memory It was after it was decided that we were going to work with Andy Sturmer (ex-Jellyfish) that we went to see him at his house in Oakland. It was a surreal experience to begin with for us to go home to our big hero and idol. We were so incredibly nervous. But excited of course! He asked us if we were beer-drinkers and we said a big collective “YES”!  So we sat down in his living room with our beers and started to talk music. Andy loved what we were doing so that was fantastic. He was about to go through our songs with us and discuss them individually to prepare for his upcoming visit to Sweden. But he also started to suggest some cover songs going through his fantastic record collection. He had two songs in mind. One that he picked out was an old ELO song that we hadn’t heard. “Julie don’t live here anymore”. I fell in love with it and we kept playing it on the rest of our California trip in our rental car. I have very strong memories of that. But the other song that he suggested was almost too good to be true. It was “Somebody made for me” by Emitt Rhodes.
I couldn’t believe my ears! It sounded so close to Paul McCartney! Unbeliavable! It was such a wonderful piece of pop music. And we hadn’t heard about the guy before. Such a treasure!

And we decided to record that song. And we also laid down some basic tracks for it during the Bubblegun recording. But Anders [Hellgren] was skeptical. He thought our version went too slow. He heard something else in his head and didn’t think it was worth finishing. And so we didn’t. It wasn’t until a couple of years later when Bubblegun was going to come out in Australia and they wanted a bonus track that I convinced Anders that we should finish the recording. So we did. I sang a lead vocal and Anders did some beautiful backing vocals. I think it turned out quite nicely! But in answer to your question – it was totally Andy’s idea from the beginning!

Since the 90’s I have never forgotten about Emitt Rhodes. I have kept his music close to my heart. And to be aware of his music has always felt like some kind of hidden treasure. In a parallell world his music should of course have reached so many more ears. I would recommend anyone to try to get hold of his wonderful debut album Emitt Rhodes (from the fantastic year 1970!) which is the one I’ve been listening to so many times without ever growing tired of it.

There was a documentary made about him that I tried to get hold of for years, that sometimes can be found on YouTube or Vimeo called “The One Man Beatles” which tells quite a lot about his story. Here’s a current link to Vimeo that may or may not last (so hurry up!):


This film, however, was shot before my good (and extremely talented) musician friend (and Melody and Madness tour mate) Chris Price did the wonderful album “Rainbow Ends” with Emitt. As such it’s a bit incomplete. But still a great watch obviously!



Chris Price himself just wrote the following on his Facebook:

“I am still processing the news that Emitt is gone. He was a colossal talent, a certified genius and he was my friend. When I was a teenager I listened to his records religiously, not knowing how fundamentally important he would become to my life beyond just those incredible albums. I learned a lot being around him; about life, music and even a bit of quantum physics. To those of you who only knew him through the music, I intend to keep his memory alive and well and continue to share his work with everyone I come into contact with, and I encourage you to do the same. To those that I know and love, who knew and loved him, I am thinking of you and I hope we all see each other soon and share the more personal memories. RIP Emitt Rhodes, you will be deeply missed.”

Chris Price with Emitt Rhodes

When I came over to Los Angeles back in 2018 for the Melody and Madness tour  (see “my” part of our joint show in LA here) Chris picked me up at LAX. He actually had planned a bit of a surprise for me for the lunch we were going to have. He actually had called to see if Emitt would like to join for this lunch (knowing what a fan I was
). However, it turned out that Emitt had a short answer to the guy (Jim) who shared house with him, and who had picked up the phone (since Emitt usually didn’t). He replied: “–I’ve already eaten!”. So that was the end of that. But I am forever thankful to Chris for the “almost met Emitt” experience. I am also very grateful for the first-hand account from Chris in the car on the tour about how he managed to make Emitt record again. With a little help from some friends like Roger Joseph Manning, Jr., Jason Falkner, Aimee Mann, Jon Brion, Susanna Hoffs, Nels Cline, Pat Sansone, Taylor Locke, Fernando Perdomo, Joe Seiders, Bleu, Probyn Gregory and Nelson Bragg.

Thank you so much for the music Emitt Rhodes! And thank you Andy Sturmer for introducing me to his music. And thank you Chris Price for bringing Emitt back to music. His music will remain in my heart as long as I live.


David Myhr playing Side B of The Beatles Revolver (acoustic live)

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In August 2013 I did my first live internet streaming concert. (See teaser post with trailer).

I was sitting in a corner of my Stockholm studio with a guitar and a piano and performed the entire B-side of The Beatles “Revolver” album. If you missed it then, here’s your new chance in the era of Corona.

The whole thing was part of a series of concerts and the initiative came from my amazingly talented artist colleague Mike Viola who wrote:
“An act of randomness and pure cruelty. Fans of Mike Viola signed up to have their names pulled out of a hat and assigned to cover and perform live an entire Beatles album side! Some might go deep, some might stay shallow and safe, some might wear uniforms, some might perform naked (Wedding Album). You have to tune in to find out. This is FOR the fans and BY the fans. It’s gonna be ugly, beautiful, soft and quiet, but above all: it’s gonna be weird!”

Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream!


Thanks to Todd Stanton at  for bringing me in to this project.

Lucky Day release party live video premiere!!!

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! It took a couple of years. But now it’s here!!! The live video from the release party for Lucky Day!

In May 8, 2018, ten days before the release of my second solo album Lucky Day, a release party was held at Bar Brooklyn, Debaser Strand, Stockholm. With a sensational band backing myself up we performed a short set of seven songs from the album for the first time. (Except for the song “Lovebug” that I had previously performed on the Melody and Madness tours in the UK, Spain, and the US).

I hope you enjoy this video! Should you do it to the extent that you would be willing to contribute to my costs for musicians, film team, editors, and mixing, please feel free to make your donations to PayPal david@monogramrecordings.se or (for Swedes) by Swish to 123 546 84 26 (Monogram Recordings). I am not anticipating a full compensation. Not even a fraction. But having said that, any help towards financing this adventure would be highly appreciated. I’d rather spend hard earned money towards a future David Myhr album one of these years. Thank you so much for your support!

(AND, also
 just as a hint: A longer ”full scale” concert from Black Box, Studio Acusticum, PiteĂ„, Sweden, from later the same year is to be expected later this year!!!)

Please find links below to the concert both on YouTube and on Facebook. Make sure to figure out how to activate the English sub-titles so you’ll understand the in-between songs talk.

Let’s begin with the Facebook video:

David Myhr – Live at Lucky Day Release Party, Bar Brooklyn, Debaser Strand, Stockholm

On May 8, 2018, ten days before the release of ex-Merrymaker David Myhr’s second solo album Lucky Day, a release party was held at Bar Brooklyn, Debaser Strand, Stockholm. With a sensational band backing him up David Myhr performed a short set of seven songs from the album for the first time.If you're not Swedish, don't forget to switch on the English subtitles for the in-between song talk!(A longer ”full scale” concert from Black Box, Studio Acusticum, PiteĂ„, Sweden, from later the same year is to be expected.)Lucky Day is the new album from Swedish songwriter David Myhr. Recorded with Brad Jones in Nashville, the 10 song set features co-writes with Lojinx labelmates @Bleu, Bill DeMain & Young Hines, among others. Available on heavyweight 180g LP, gatefold CD and digital download with bonus tracks on the CD only.https://www.lojinx.com/releases/david-myhr/lucky-dayMessage from David Myhr:"I hope you enjoyed this video! If so, would you be willing to contribute to my costs for musicians, film team, editors, and mixing? (I'm paying for it all by myself). Any contribution – big or small – or very small – would help immensely! Feel free to make your donations to PayPal david@monogramrecordings.se or (for Swedes) by Swish to 123 546 84 26 (Monogram Recordings).I am not anticipating a full compensation. Not even a fraction. But having said that, any help towards financing this adventure would be highly appreciated. I'd rather spend hard earned money towards a future David Myhr album one of these years. Thank you so much for your support! Peace and love!"Full credits (which can also be seen at the end of the video:)David Myhr, lead vocals, guitarPeter Kvint, background vocals, guitar, pedal steelPeter MorĂ©n, background vocals, guitar, maracasRasmus Berg Lindelöw, background vocals, keyboardsJerker Odelholm, bassAndreas Quincy DahlbĂ€ck, drumsFilmed by Andreas GĂ€rdnert and Adal Langari Video edited by Alexander Edström and Niklas Karlsson Recorded by Gustav Lindelöw and David KarlssonMixed by Andreas DahlbĂ€ck ”JEALOUS SUN”(Myhr/Bleu)Published by Strong Melody Publishing/Misty Music”WAIT UNTIL THE MOMENT”(Myhr/Jones)Published by Strong Melody Publishing/Misty Music”THE PERFECT PLACE”(Myhr)Published by Strong Melody Publishing/Misty Music”LUCKY DAY”(Myhr/Jones)Published by Strong Melody Publishing/Misty Music”LOVEBUG”(Myhr/Dotson)Published by Strong Melody Publishing/Misty Music / Gummi Songs (BMI)/PEN Music Group, Inc.”ROOM TO GROW”(Myhr/DeMain)Published by Strong Melody Publishing/Misty Music / Tin Panda/Modern Works”MY NEGATIVE FRIEND”(Myhr/Hines)Published by Strong Melody Publishing/Misty Music

Posted by David Myhr on Saturday, June 6, 2020


and now the YouTube video:



With my sensational band! Jerker Odelholm, Peter Morén, David Myhr, Andreas DahlbÀck, Rasmus Lindelöw, Peter Kvint


David Myhr, lead vocals, guitar Peter Kvint, background vocals, guitar, pedal steel Peter Morén, background vocals, guitar, maracas Rasmus Lindelöw, background vocals, keyboards Jerker Odelholm, bass Andreas DahlbÀck, drums

Filmed by Andreas GĂ€rdnert and Adal Langari

Video edited by Alexander Edström and Niklas Karlsson

Recorded by Gustav Lindelöw and David Karlsson

Mixed by Andreas DahlbÀck


David Myhr before the gig with Swedish glam rock and musical star Ola Salo (The Ark).



”JEALOUS SUN” (Myhr/Bleu)

Published by Strong Melody Publishing/Misty Music


Published by Strong Melody Publishing/Misty Music


Published by Strong Melody Publishing/Misty Music

”LUCKY DAY” (Myhr/Jones)

Published by Strong Melody Publishing/Misty Music

”LOVEBUG” (Myhr/Dotson)

Published by Strong Melody Publishing/Misty Music / Gummi Songs (BMI)/PEN Music Group, Inc.

”ROOM TO GROW” (Myhr/DeMain)

Published by Strong Melody Publishing/Misty Music / Tin Panda/Modern Works


Published by Strong Melody Publishing/Misty Music

David Myhr 50

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You say it’s your birthday? It’s my birthday too, yeah!

It was fifty years ago today!

Yes, it’s true! Believe it or not. Even though I don’t look a day older than 27 I was actually conceived in the “swinging sixties”. Around a month before the moon landning. And I was born around a month before The Beatles split up. (And boy, what a great time it was!).

I was the youngest brother of four and I’m sure none of my beloved elder brothers sang “He ain’t heavy, He’s my brother”. Why not? Because I was indeed heavy. I weighed 5070 gram!

Now, you’re all probably thinking: How can I best celebrate this VERY IMPORTANT EVENT? Well, it’s of course up to you! You might want to check out a bunch of official videos on my YouTube channel (and make my day by sharing your own favorites!). Or make my day by writing a little greeting at my Instagram or artist Facebook page?

Another way to celebrate would be to enjoy the brand new three hour special Spotify playlist called “David Myhr 50”. It consists of 50 David Myhr tracks thoughtfully prepared for the occasion by David Myhr himself. (Yes, that’s me!)

It features songs spanning all over my long and (mostly) winding career both from the 90’s (stuff I recorded with The Merrymakers) and the 10’s (my solo stuff).

Looking forward to new musical adventures in the future! Thank you ever so much for your invaluable support! And thanks for making today a Lucky Day!

Peace & Love!

Photo (from when I was only 47) by Carolina Muñoz Macaya