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David Myhr acoustic solo live at Mosebacke, Stockholm, June 2nd, supporting The Mommyheads

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On June 2nd I will be performing solo acoustic live at the legendary venue Mosebacke in Stockholm. The evening will be filled with music with the main act being “the greatest band you never heard of”: The Mommyheads.

I have talked about talked about the Mommyheads on this blog a few times before – like for instance in this blog post when I released my own (free download!) cover version of “Jaded” which is my favorite song of theirs. Feel free to download it and familiarize yourself with that wonderful melody that I’m sure we’re going to hear on June 2nd!
Here’s a picture of me and Adam Elk and one of me and Michael Holt from my home studio when he recorded the great solo for “Got you where he wanted” on my new album Soundshine.
As the devoted Mommyheads-fan Anders Lundquist from the on-line publication Obladoo (who made an interview with me a while ago) put it the Mommyheads play “Great, intelligent pop music with a progressive twist. Influences: XTC, The Beatles, Radiohead, The Band, Gabriel-era Genesis and King Crimson.”
Their new album is called  “Vulnerable boy” and below is a video for the song “Skinny white uptight” from that album (reviewed by Dagens Nyheter here!):
Also sharing bill with The Mommyheads this night you will You Say France and I Whistle and The Loulou Sisters. We are all invited personally by the Mommyheads for this goodbye party celebrating (or should I say mourning?) the end off their European tour.
PLease feel free to click attending (and invite your friends) on the Facebook event for this wonderful night and find more information here from Mosebacke.

Two hour long Skype interview with @davidmyhr streaming from Hawaii today!

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Get ready for a two-hour long interview streaming on-line today! I will be talking about my new album Soundshine but also reminiscing the years with The Merrymakers.

Lots of my new music (but also from my old band The Merrymakers, Jellyfish, and Paul McCartney). Check it out and join the chat!

Rocker and singer-songwriter David Myhr is our musical guest this Saturday afternoon on The Time Machine discussing his album “Soundshine”. Join us in the radio chat room and listen at http://ttm.popchats.com/

2 PM – Hawaii Time

5 PM – West Coast Time

8 PM – East Coast Time

1 AM (Sunday morning) – United Kingdom Time

2 AM (Sunday morning) – Sweden Time

9 AM (Sunday morning) – Japan Time

10 AM (Sunday morning) – Australia Time

David Myhr hand-picked by The Word

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I’m happy to announce that my song “Got you where he wanted” has been hand-picked by the influential British music magainze The WORD and is featured on their free, 15-track CD featuring “the best new music of right now”. This CD accompanies the June issue of the magazine and is out now in the U.K. (It’s worth buying solely for finding out what John Lennon wore at the beach!).
On this CD I’m in good company with many great artists like Kathryn Williams, The Black Seeds, The Heartbreaks and many more. Like for instance the great Gaz Coombes who used to front one of my favorite bands from the Britpop era – Supergrass.
So big thanks to THE WORD for picking my song – and a big welcome to the supposed hordes of readers who stumbled in to my web page after having heard my song or seen the video. Please feel free to browse through and enjoy old blog posts and also to follow me (and say “hi”) on Facebook or Twitter. And find out how to get your copy of Soundshine here!
Thanks also to my European label Lojinx who made my album available in the U.K. Read about the signing here. I’m fully aware that selling pop music to Great Britain is somewhat like selling sand to the Arabs. But I must say I feel that there’s a lack of current melodic guitar based pop out there – especially of the happy, uplifting kind. So my album Soundshine is my way of trying to contribute to the genre. Some, like for instance Real Gone, hints I might have succeeded; “Soundshine does exactly what it claims – twelve pieces of great sounding pop which mostly act as a welcome ray of sunshine”. Also, Americana-UK reports “doctors in Sweden prescribe this CD as a cure for seasonal affective disorder” which I talked about in my previous blog post.
It’s so fine, it’s sunshine, it’s THE WORD – love!

americana-UK.com: “Doctors in Sweden prescribe [Soundshine by David Myhr] as a cure for seasonal affective disorder”

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So what’s the world like after the release of my solo debut album Soundshine a little more than a month ago? Do people talk about a “before and after Soundshine” effect? Maybe it’s too early to tell… ?After all the sound of the album is what I usually call “timeless” (sounds better than “dated”, doesn’t it?) and therefore I hope it will live on for years to come.

What I do know is that I have extremely fond memories from the  “Soundshine release tour” that took me from a solo show in Osaka via a show in Tokyo with a backing band consisting of Japanese musicians early this year to the odd gig in Turku, Finland, followed by a small solo tour of Spain (Bilbao, Madrid, Burgos) together with Lukah Boo. Then it was time to throw a big release party in my home town Stockholm and shortly after that fantastic night when my U.K. label Lojinx put together a magic night at Borderline in London where I shared the bill (see video clip here) with Farrah and Pugwash. I’m already looking forward to new live shows!

Since the release I’ve received messages from happy record buyers both on Facebook, Twitter and e-mail saying incredibly nice things about the album. (You can be one yourself – no matter where you live – by ordering it from the David Myhr Store!). And that’s really what makes it all worthwhile. It’s such a thrill knowing that the CD is now spinning in car stereos and the mp3’s streaming out of computers and iPods in the U.K., the U.S., Japan, Spain, Sweden, Italy, France, Germany, and hopefully many more countries. I want to thank you all for those messages  – your feedback means the world to me! Please keep the thumbs-up coming for a year or so in order to avoid me sinking into the post-production-depression that I’ve been fearing since I started the recordings two years ago.

There’s also been a bunch of reviews – above all in the blog world – and I thought I’d share some of them with you. Starting of today with a review from americanaUK written by David Cowling that gives Soundshine a 7 out of 10 saying it’s “sheer unadulterated pop music, sheer unadulterated delight” and that it contains “a kaleidoscope of major chords, of bouncy melodies with everything fine-tuned for pleasure”

He mentions the fact Peter out of Peter Bjorn and John co-wrote ‘Icy Tracks’ which he calls “the snappiest song” and that it “sounds like an amalgamation of the Jayhawks, Matthew Sweet, Elvis Costello and Big Star“. The review finishes off by saying that “doctors in Sweden prescribe this CD as a cure for seasonal affective disorder”. That sure as hell would be a good sales boost!

Read the whole review (and feel free to share it with others) by clicking the picture below