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Official David Myhr merchandise store opening today!

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Today the official David Myhr merchandise store has it’s grand opening! Among the first items that you can buy at this online store with worldwide shipping you will find the world’s first David Myhr T-shirt promoting the current single “Got you where he wanted” but you will also have the opportunity to buy the Merrymakers albums in the form of a physical CDs!

Go to davidmyhr.com/store for more information!

David Myhr song “IROHA” gets lots of airplay rotation in Japan

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I’ve been following the shocking news about Japan ever since the earthquake took place on March 11. It is almost unbelievable what has happened and it’s such a terrible tragedy and my thoughts and deepest concerns are with all my Japanese friends and with the whole Japanese people. I imagine everyone in Japan going through the hardest of times and I’m very, very sad about the terrible effect it has had on the whole country and my thoughts are with all of them every day! For me Japan has a very special place in my heart, not least since I  through the years have had the wonderful opportunity to have found an audience for my music there. But most of all since I have found so many wonderful and unbelievably kind people there. I can’t even begin to describe the warmth, kindness, gentleness, humbleness, and all other (positive) words ending with -ness that I’ve met there.

It’s such a strange feeling worrying about worldly things like songwriting or what flat screen TV to buy when you see the tragedy that has affected so many lives and families.

Still – no matter how hard it seems – life has to go on… we all have to try to go back to our every day routines even if it seems unimportant in comparison to the great tragedy. Because the worst thing that can happen is if we lose hope for the future.

It may not be an “everyday routine” but in my professional life as a songwriter the biggest joy has always been to see one of my compositions “get wings” and start to “fly”. This is what is happening right now with a song of mine that I wrote a few years ago when I used the then newly written little melody as material for an inspired recording session with students at the “studio musicians programme” at a university in northern Sweden called “School of Music in Piteå” serving under “The Department of Music and Media” at the “Luleå University of Technology”. (Ain’t that a catchy name for a school, by the way!?)

Anyway, recentely I had the pleasure of producing this particular song for a wonderfully talented Japanese artist called Miku Kakoi.

The single has now achieved some success on the Japanese radio air waves. Stations like North Wave, TOKYO FM, FM Ishikawa, FM Toyama, Gifu FM, radio 3, Kiss-FM, and Love-FM are picking up the single which of course is great news for me as a songwriter!!! I wish Miku Kakoi the best of luck with the release of her major 1st Full Album called “Raft”.

On the recording I had the pleasure of working with Andreas Dahlbäck on drums, Rikard Lidhamn on bass, and Marcus Black as a mixing engineer.

As the songwriter, and producer I took responsibility over the guitar, keyboards, and backing vocals department although I took quite a lot of inspiration from the original demo featuring the students at the studio musicians programme who at the time were Jonathan Lundberg, Joel Lindberg, Jenny Haglind, Erik Lund, and Rickard Tjernlund.

Thanks to everyone involved and fingers crossed for Miku Kakoi’s album in the small perspective – but also for the recovery of the whole Japanese nation in the big perspective!!!

Please enjoy a preview of the video at this link.

The song in my own interpretation will also be included on my upcoming album “Soundshine”!

David Myhr live in London on May 28th!

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On May 28 I will be making my second show ever as a solo artist. The gig will take place at The Bull & Gate in London. This time I won’t be able to bring my new excellent backing band and the idea was to make a solo performance. However, as it turned out, I’m fortunate enough to have been put in contact with a great, tasteful, and very talented English band called Mini who to my great surprise seem to be ready, willing, and able to back me up on a few songs so that’s going to be great fun! Rumour has it that they are fans of Jellyfish (just like me) and even of the Merrymakers(!) so I obviously already like them as people without even having met them and I look very much forward to meeting them IRL not to mention to be playing together as well.
The show is part of an annual pop music festival called International Pop Overthrow which focuses on – as arranger David Bash puts it: “music that relies on melody and harmony, with prominent guitars. It’s music that is strongly influenced by but doesn’t necessarily sound like what we heard in the ’60s and ’70s.”

My friendship with David Bash goes back to 1997 when he first invited the Merrymakers to play in Los Angeles which we did, first at the Poptopia festival, and then in 1998, at the the first International Pop Overthrow festival ever. So it’s going to be great fun to get together again and have the opportunity to expose my new solo stuff to the international power pop community.

The legendary Bull and Gate is possibly the best place in the London area to catch unsigned acts. Nirvana and Blur are among those who stomped around on the Bull & Gate’s stage before they made their names.

Check out the schedule here for this year’s IPO in London.

Hope to see you in London!

Report from premiere show in Piteå, Sweden, April 8, 2011

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It’s been done! The first show ever as a solo artist! It took place at Restaurant Valdino Acusticum in Piteå on Friday 8th April and as far as I am concerned it was a really successful event. A grand evening of pop music! Apart from my own premiere show the audience (including myself) had the pleasure of listening to Andreas Mattsson (ex-Popsicle) and his band as well.

Since Piteå is my former home town I had the pleasure of knowing quite a few in the audience. There were my childhood local rock’n’roll heroes, there were my best friends from my youth (continuing being my best friends), there were students at the School of Music in Piteå where I teach, the people who put it all together, my favourite sound engineer, and last but not least my wife (who also happens to be a true fan!). It was just a great night and a memory I will cherish for a long time!

I would like to say thank you to everyone who showed up at the concert, to my fantastic band and everyone at Acusticum and Valdino that made the event possible and to everyone involved in all aspects of the show (sound and lights, recording, filming, photographing, logistics, merchandise etc). You all know who you are!

I am now ready, willing, and able to make new live performances and shortly a couple of upcoming shows will be announced here on this page!